The second day of the scientific forum began with welcoming speeches by Professor Oleg Loskutov and Associate Professor Mykhailo Bondar addressed to the domestic anesthesiology community on "World Anesthesia Day", because on October 16, 1846, the American surgeon William Thomas Green Morton used the anesthetic ether for anasthesia.

At the last Consilium, held on October 17, brought together more than 6,000 family doctors, cardiologists, pulmonologists, therapists and leading Ukrainian doctors.

With the active participation of the staff of the Department of Cardiology, Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as always, on Saturday 10.10.2020 at 11.00 was held at the CONSILIUM of specialists in comorbid states.

We invite doctors to the Saturday CONSILIUM with comorbid states, which will take place on October 24 at 11:00.

On October 3, more than 7000 doctors gathered again for the online training organized by the staff of the Department of Cardiology of the Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

In the framework of cooperation with medical institutions with the support of the management of the universal clinic "Oberig" (Rybchuk VO, head of ICU Spitsyn VE) teachers of the Department of Anesthesiology and IC (Prof. Oleg Loskutov, Assoc. Prof. Inna Kuchynska) gave an evening course of lectures on the subject of brain death, pathophysiology of brain death, preconditioning, etc. for anesthesiologists and doctors neurologists, using the latest world American, Polish and British guidelines for 2020.