With the active participation of the staff of the Department of Cardiology, Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as always, on Saturday 10.10.2020 at 11.00 was held at the CONSILIUM of specialists in comorbid states.

All presentation topics were suggested by practicing doctors.

One of the most popular topics was “Headache: Cause, Diagnosis, Treatment”. All the subtleties of this problem were voiced in the discussion of the cardiologist and neurologist I.V. Davydov, O.G. Morozov.

Professor Zharinov O.I. and prof. Dolzhenko M.M. discussed the problems of diagnosing cardiological patients in their lecture: "How to write the correct diagnosis: Ischemic heart disease or chronic coronary syndrome?"

An unusual and interesting discussion took place between the hepatologist and cardiologist D.T. Dzhanelidze, M.M. Dolzhenko. in the study of the question of the appointment of statins in liver diseases. Experts examined the nuances of international recommendations on this problem and analyzed the clinical case.

The hot topic is “Community-acquired pneumonia in the conditions of COVID19”, which was covered in detail by LV Yudina, MM Dolzhenko.

The participants of the event expressed their gratitude to the organizers for this format of the meeting, and also suggested several more important topics for the next online discussions.

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