The second day of the scientific forum began with welcoming speeches by Professor Oleg Loskutov and Associate Professor Mykhailo Bondar addressed to the domestic anesthesiology community on "World Anesthesia Day", because on October 16, 1846, the American surgeon William Thomas Green Morton used the anesthetic ether for anasthesia.

A short music video was shown, created with the help of teachers and interns of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (NMAPE), who is dedicated to such a responsible and difficult medical specialty – anesthesiology.

The program of the second day of the conference was extremely rich and included 2 refresher courses and 9 sections of reports and lectures, among them - 6 master classes. Foreign speakers: Oliver Herden-Kirchhoff, Uwe Klein, Klaus Wiedemann (all - Germany), Pierantonio Furfori (Italy), Huafeng Wei (USA). Also meaningful were the reports of well-known domestic scientists - Professors Oleg Loskutov, Yuri Kobeliatsky, Vladimir Cherny, Alexander Budnyuk, Ruslan Tkachenko, Ivan Lisny, Sergei Vorotyntsev, Marina Trishchinskaya and others.

The topics covered such areas of anesthesiology and intensive care as difficult airways, respiratory support, monitoring, anesthesia, analgesia, infusion therapy, polytrauma, quality management in intensive care, inotropic drugs, vascular access and ultrasound diagnostics.

A special feature of this forum is the presentation of information online with the possibility of interactive communication with listeners and discussions between moderators on the one hand and speakers on the other, which is extremely important because it provides feedback.

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